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2024-2025 Notes From The Field Lecture Series

The Department of Religious Studies will host a monthly informal lecture on religion by a faculty member from UC Davis or a neighboring university campus. The lectures will offer a space for faculty to share their most recent research. Read More

Upcoming Event - Towards a Counterhistory of the Western Canon | The “Original Fragments” of the Bible and Homer

Today, powerful forces push us to either idolize or neglect now-canonical works like Homer and the Bible, seeing them as either evidence of a unique Western genius or as exhausted and overplayed “greatest hits.” But before they were idols, worshipped or fallen, ancient Mediterranean cultural monuments were something quite different. This workshop will explore how the discoveries of criticism let us encounter them freshly, as if for the first time. Read More

Upcoming Event - Medieval Sex Crimes and Consent in Canon Law

Notes from the Field | Prof. Grace Delmolino, French and Italian
This talk will analyze the standard taxonomy of medieval sex crimes as defined in canon law, discuss how consent relates to these crimes, and reflect on how the medieval crime of “raptus” morphed into the etymologically connected (but conceptually divergent) “rape” of the 21st century Read More

Castelfranco Lecture Series: Randall Balmer "Bad Faith: Race and the Rise of the Religious Right"

Balmer will speak about how one of the Religious Right’s most durable myths is its myth of origins. American evangelicals, the story goes, long dormant as a political entity, began to mobilize politically in the 1970s in response to the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973. Balmer claims this story is simply not true; what actually galvanized the Religious Right as a political force was the elimination of tax-exempt status for racially discriminatory Christian institutions. Read More