Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Religious Studies Courses

Undergraduate Courses

RST 001C: Sacrifice
Prof. Allison Coudert

RST 001G: Myth Ritual Symbol
Prof. Naomi Janowitz

RST 010 (2 units) & 010A (2 units): Contemporary Ethical Issues
Yael Teff-Seker

RST 032: History of Yoga

Prof. Lynna Dhanani

RST 040: New Testament
Prof. Wendy Terry

RST 045: Christianity

Prof. Wendy Terry

RST 130: Topics Rel Studies - Sufism (Islamic Mysticism)
Ryan Brizendine

Introduction to the mystical tradition of Islam; its sources and development, teachings and practices, diverse cultural forms and regional expressions. Special focuses on early ascetic and ecstatic Sufism, the philosophical Sufism of Ibn ʿArabi, and the Persian poetic "school of love" of Jalal al-Din Rumi. Sufi Qurʾan interpretation, relations with Shiʿism, and communal practices including contemplative hearing of recited poetry (samāʿ, qawwālī). Distinctive Sufi concepts such as the oneness of existence, the perfect human being, and the cosmos as theophany. Additional units on Sufism and ethics, the arts, gender, jihad, and Sufism in the modern world.

RST 154: The Hindu Temple
Prof. Layne Little

RST 172: Ch'An Buddhism
Prof. Layne Little

RST 190 Seminar

Prof. Miller