Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Religious Studies Courses

Undergraduate Courses

RST 001: Survey of Religion
Prof. Wendy Terry

RST 001C: Sacrifice
Prof. Allison Coudert

RST 001G: Myth Ritual Symbol
Prof. Naomi Janowitz

RST 010 (2 units) & 010A (2 units): Contemporary Ethical Issues
Yael Teff-Seker

RST 040: New Testament
Prof. Wendy Terry

RST 068: Hinduism
Prof. Archana Venkatesan

RST 130: Topics Rel Studies
Ryan Brizendine

RST 154: The Hindu Temple
Prof. Layne Little

RST 172: Ch'An Buddhism
Prof. Layne Little

RST 190 Seminar

Prof. Miller