Religious Studies Courses - Fall 2021

Undergraduate Courses

RST 001A: Pilgrimage
Prof. Archana Venkatesan

RST 005: Comparative Religion
Prof. Seth Sanders

RST 010 (2 units) & 010A (2 units): Ethics
Yael Teff-Seker

Students may enroll in RST 010 alone or in conjunction with RST 010A

RST 030: South Asian Religions
Prof. Archana Venkatesan

RST 040: New Testament
Wendy Terry

RST 060: Intro to Islam
Prof. Mairaj Syed

RST 103: Medieval & Byzantine Christianity
Wendy Terry

RST 110: Meaning & Identity
Prof. Naomi Janowitz

RST 132: Topics in Ancient Religion
Prof. Seth Sanders

RST 139: Topics in Hinduism
Prof. Lynna Dhanani

RST 154: The Hindu Temple
Layne Little

RST 172: Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism
Layne Little

RST 190: Seminar
Mairaj Syed