The Religious Studies Major and Minor

The Religious Studies major and minor are designed to enable students to:

  • Engage in critical, analytical thinking about religion
  • Understand how to use and contextualize primary source materials
  • Examine and interpret religion from a diversity of viewpoints
  • Develop reflective understanding of the practices and practitioners of religion
  • Discuss the relations between religion and ethics
  • Present complex and original ideas in written and oral formats

In order to reach these learning objectives, the major and minor have specific requirements for the depth of study that each student must undertake.  They are as follows:


1) Preparatory Subject Matter: 20 Units

At least one course from the Religious Studies 1 series (4 units)

At least four lower-division "double-digit" courses from the other Religious Studies lower-division offerings: RST 10 through 90 (16 units)

2) Depth Subject Matter: 40 Units

Required: Religious Studies 100 or 190 (4 units)

Electives: Nine additional upper-division RST courses required (36 Units)

Four of these courses may be upper-division courses related to religion that are offered by other departments as long as the student receives the consent of an RST advisor, which should be noted on the Major Checklist Form. 

Total Units for the Major: 60


Religious Studies Subject Matter

  • Lower-Division course: 4 units
  • Upper-Division courses: 16 units 

 Some substitutions from other departments or programs are ONLY allowed with the consent of adviser.

Total Units for the Minor: 20