Teghpreet Ahluwalia Kaur

I graduated from UC Davis in June of 2013 with a degree in Religious Studies and Psychology.  I am currently working as a realtor in Sacramento and starting my own family real estate business.  I had decided to take a gap year after graduating from college to work and gather new experiences before attending law school.

Since I decided to take a gap year I took the test to become a realtor and get hands-on experience before going to law school.  The Religious Studies major has immensely helped me in this career path.  Being a part of this major has made me more understanding and educated about religious practices and beliefs. It has made me a better writer and an articulate speaker.  Also studying about the different religions, practices, and beliefs has helped me to better understand the background my clients come from and their particular needs.  As a young entrepreneur I have the ability to speak to and understand people of different backgrounds and understand the perspective that they come from.