Wendy Terry


Position Title
Continuing Lecturer in Religious Studies

913 Sproul
Office Hours
Fridays at 8:00 am. Please see the course syllabus for the Zoom link.

Education and Degree(s):

  • B.A. Religious Studies and Linguistics, University of California, Davis
  • M.A. Linguistics, University of California, Davis
  • Ph.D. Christian Spirituality, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

Research Interest(s):

  • History of Christianity
  • Religion and Language
  • Mysticism
  • Somatic Piety Practices (e.g. Fasting)

Course(s) Taught:

  • CLA 30 (Greek & Latin Elements in English Vocabulary)
  • HIS 111A (Ancient History: Near East)
  • HIS 130C (Christianity and Culture in Europe 1600-1850)
  • LIN 1 (Introduction to Linguistics)
  • RST 1 (Survey of Religion)
  • RST 1A (Pilgrimage)
  • RST 1C (Sacrifice)
  • RST 1F (Contemporary Religion)
  • RST 1G (Myth, Ritual and Symbol)
  • RST 12 (The Emergence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
  • RST 21 (Hebrew Scriptures)
  • RST 23 (Introduction to Judaism)
  • RST 40 (New Testament)
  • RST 42 (Religion and Science Fiction)
  • RST 45 (Christianity)
  • RST 60 (Introduction to Islam)
  • RST 80 (Religion, Gender, Sexuality)
  • RST 100 (Issues and Methods)
  • RST 102 (Christian Origins)
  • RST 103 (Medieval and Byzantine Christianity)
  • RST 104 (Christianity 1450-1700)
  • RST 115 (Mysticism)
  • RST 122 ([Hebrew] Biblical Texts)
  • RST 130 (African Indigenous and African Diasporic Religions)
  • RST 135 (The Bible and Film)
  • RST 140 (Christian Theology)
  • RST 141A (New Testament Lit.—Synoptic Gospels)
  • RST 141B (New Testament Lit.—John)
  • RST 141C (New Testament Lit.—Paul)
  • RST 143 (New Testament Apocrypha)
  • RST 144 (History of the Bible)
  • RST 150 (Religious Ethics)
  • Druids: Religion, Wisdom, and Violence (Freshman Seminar)
  • The Rest of the Old Testament?: The Deuterocanonical Books of the Christian Canon (Freshman Seminar)
  • Searching for Shakespeare’s Soul: Codes, Conspiracy, and Catholicism
 (Freshman Seminar)
  • MURALS (Mentorships for Undergraduate Research in Agriculture, Letters, and Science)

Selected Publications:

A Companion to Marguerite Porete and The Mirror of Simple Souls, edited by Robert Stauffer and Wendy R. Terry. (Companions to the Christian Tradition, 77) Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2017.

Seeing Marguerite in the Mirror: A Linguistic Analysis of Porete's Mirror of Simple Souls, by Wendy Rachele Terry. (Studies in Spirituality Supplements, 21). Leuven, Belgium: Peeters Publishers, 2011.


Teaching Experience:

In addition to her teaching at UCD, Dr. Terry has also taught Religious Studies courses at California State University, Sacramento, and Religious Studies, Critical Thinking and Mathematics courses in voluntary college-level programs at Solano and San Quentin State Prisons.