Paige Minichiello

I am now a second grade teacher in Vallejo, the most diverse city in the nation. Being a teacher is demanding physically, emotionally, and conceptually, but being a Religious Studies major has made it a little bit easier. I have a background that a lot of other teachers don’t have, and that is seen as a strength in my field. But other opportunities, related to being a Religious Studies Major, also helped prepare me to work towards my credentials and Master’s.

While finishing my undergraduate degree at Davis, I was lucky enough to partake in the MURALS program instead of writing a thesis paper. For those of you who are a little daunted by the idea of a thesis I highly suggest you look into this option. It encourages research and the process of doing research with a little less stress. The MURALS program prepared me for the rigorous credential and Master’s program that UC Davis offers, and I contribute my acceptance to the School of Education to my experiences within that program and within my major. The Master’s that I am working towards at the School of Education is extremely research-based, and if it weren’t for the guidance of several of my professors and lecturers, especially Wendy Terry, I would definitely be struggling now.

And a last, but not a lesser, way in which the Religious Studies program of Davis has prepared me for my future is that it taught me to embrace my varying interests and explore new opportunities. Not only did I learn about things that interested me, but I was also able to study abroad while doing so. I was able to spend a month in the beautiful country of India and receive upper division credit for studying its rich culture and history.