Brandon Roberts

The Nature of My Job and How RST Helped:

Since graduating, I have taken a position in Sacramento doing legislative and lobbying-related work on behalf of the largest public employees labor union in the county. As a whole, my organization advocates for employees working in various industries, and takes a position on a wide range of legislation.  My work mostly focuses on legislative and public policy issues impacting healthcare employees at the state level.

It is in the writing intensive nature of my work that I found the professional value of my Religious Studies education. The major teaches students to analyze dense theoretical texts, think critically about a subject, and organize valuable information to form a strong and presentable written argument. Compared to the texts I read and the papers I wrote in my Religious Studies classes, analyzing a bill to compile a position letter is a cakewalk (and, admittedly, far less fun/interesting). The major has more than prepared me to do legislative work in the Capitol.