Angelina Garcia

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from UC Davis in March 2011.  Shortly after graduation I began working full-time as a Data and Assessment Administrator at a growing charter school, Making Waves Academy, in Richmond, California. In Fall 2013, I completed a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Equity and Social Justice from San Francisco State University.

While most of my work as an administrator concerns database management and training teachers and administrators on various software, I have used my degree in Religious Studies and Psychology to help me navigate the professional world and its many social elements. UCD gifted me through my studies and social interactions to maintain an open mind and listen to those around me.

As I continue at Making Waves, I am actively keeping informed regarding the changing educational policy seen in both federal and state legislation.  I hope my contribution to the field of education supports more underrepresented groups’ enrollment and completion of higher education.