The Religious Studies Major provides a solid foundation for a variety of career paths by offering a broad selection of courses.  According to a recent departmental survey, our alumni include a data and assessment administrator at a charter school, a second grade school teacher, a legislative and lobbying-related specialist at the capitol, a realtor, and more.  Along with the aforementioned professionals are a student pursuing law school and a student in a joint masters program in Anthropology and Gender Studies.

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Alumni Profiles


Katie Beer, BA: Religious Studies and History - Matriculating Graduate Student

Teghpreet Ahluwalia Kaur, BA: Religious Studies and Psychology - Realtor

Brandon Roberts, BA: Religious Studies - Legislative/Advocacy Lobbyist for Public Employees Labor Union


Paige Minichiello, MA; BA: Religious Studies; MA: Education, UC Davis - Second Grade School Teacher


Megha Bhatt, BA: Religious Studies and Political Science - Student at UC Davis School of Law (King Hall)

Jessica Bray, BA: Religious Studies and Middle East/South Asia Studies - Student in a Joint M.A. Program in Anthropology and Gender Studies at Brandeis University

Angelina Garcia, MA; BA: Religious Studies and Psychology; MA: Education, San Francisco State University - Data and Assessment Administrator